Why Your Metal Roof Could Out Live You

Metal roofs are a bit like turtles. They last a very long time.

In fact, a properly installed Garvin Metal Roof can easily stand strong against all types of weather see in Columbus, Ohio for an impressive 60 years. If you installed your metal roof today, you might have to start thinking about replacing it when your small child is a senior citizen.

There are few things that last that long. Cars, electronics, clothing, and most furniture have a limited life span. But a metal roof, like your home or commercial building, can still be serving well decades from now.

That can create major savings over time. When your neighbor replaces their traditional asphalt shingle roof in 15 to 20 years, your metal roof will still have a good 40 years of excellent protection left.

Your Garvin Metal Roof could let you skip expensive multi-thousand dollar roof replacement 4 times. And that’s not considering the possibly much higher cost of shingle roofing in the future 20, 30, or 50 years from now.

Tough Against Ohio Weather

Metal roofing is famous for being much more weather resistant. Our roofs handle driving rains, super strong winds, golf ball sized hail, and deep heavy snows. Plus your metal roof is far more resistant to fire and rot. Those are major factors contributing to the much longer life of metal roofs with some going to distance for a mind boggling 80 years.

What about lightning? We’ve all seen those antique lightning rods fastened to old farm houses.

There has been extensive research done on metal roofing and how it may or may not attract lightening. The overwhelming conclusion has been metal roofing is no more likely to attract a bolt of lightning than any other roofing material.

If fact, your metal roof will not combust like some shingle roofs. That’s why metal roofing is a favorite for home and business owners in areas that get a lot of thunderstorms and lightening like here in Columbus.

What about hail? In regions where there are a lot of intense hail storms, it seems every other car has hail damage with big ugly dents in the metal.

Metal roofs are built to withstand hail. They are so good at superior performance in hail conditions that some insurance companies offer discount rates for homes with metal roofing. In short, your metal roof will laugh off hail when other roofs receive significant damage.

Importance of Professional Design & Installation

Like everything else in construction, your metal roof needs to be planned and installed by experienced professionals. The types of materials and the way they are installed has everything to do with long term, worry free performance for Columbus hones and businesses.

Our team of metal roofing experts can ensure all your roof materials match and are installed to the industry’s highest standards.

That’s why your new Garvin Metal Roof could easily out live you to be your best, longest lasting investment. Please contact our office to discuss your new roof. We can explain our process, offer proven solutions, and give you an accurate custom quote.